Free Playstation Store Codes & Playstation Plus Subscriptions

You are one step away from getting free PSN codes

You’ve probably stumbled upon this page looking to get free PS4, PS3, PS Vita, VR games, add-ons, music, movies, TV shows, or anything else through the Playstation Store. Maybe you just want to extend or get a new Playstation Plus subscription so you can keep playing online multiplayer with your friends. The price of video games keeps going up, to the point where it’s just getting ridiculous especially with all the added DLCs and premium versions. It was running our wallets empty and we got tired of looking for PSN code lists online so we created a PSN code generator. This app generates codes that you can redeem for anything you want in the PS store. Most people think it isn’t possible to download newly released triple-A titles for free in the store, we proved them wrong with bosspsncodegen. It will be your last source for free PSN codes.

psn code generator

Playstation store gift cards will now be a thing of the past

With the power to generate Playstation store codes you won’t ever need to go out and buy gift cards or vouchers ever again. You will have the option to generate PSN codes in $20 or $50 values. If you need a higher amount to purchase a game that just came out plus the extra downloadable content, then feel free to generate another code to use. We recommend you wait around 5 minutes in between each code that you generate. Depending on the region you select each value amount will be converted into your countries currency, so everyone around the world can use the program.

playstation store gift card codes

You can also get a year of Playstation Plus for free

The only way you can play online co-op with your friends or massive multiplayer games like the battlefield series is if you have a Playstation Plus membership. Using our app will give you the ability to generate a code which when you redeem will give you PS+ for one full year! Might we suggest you also share any extra codes you generate with your friends and family, so that all of you can play online together.

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Change your Playstation Online ID

One of the most requested features that even Sony has not done yet but now it’s possible. When you change your Online ID through bosspsncodegen you won’t have to worry about losing your friends list, trophies, or any wallet funds in your PSN account.

Updates on a regular basis

With the help of our users sending us any bugs or feature requests we are able to output an amazing piece of software. Bosspsncodegen will always work and if it doesn’t, report it to us and we will get it up and running again.

Top tier support

If you have any problems or find any bugs send us a message through the contact form. We want to deliver the best user experience with a top-quality product.

User friendly

You don’t need to be a tech suave to use the software or app. It’s simple enough for anyone to use on all the platforms we offer it on. All you have to do is make a couple of selections, load a few plugins, then off it goes.

We support all countries

When we first developed the PSN code generator we didn’t support many countries and a lot of people have been requesting that we start adding other countries. We are happy to announce that we now support all countries.

Anonymous usage

We do not store any data or request any information from our users. The software includes a VPN and it also connects through another proxy to double the protection.

Get an unlimited amount of Playstation store codes

Generate and use as many PSN and Playstation Plus codes as you want. There is a 5-minute cool down in between each use to prevent any server overload.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most questions most asked. If you can’t find the answer to your question then please fill out the contact form below with your question.

If a computer is not available to you, you can use the app which is available for apple mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) or any Android device.
Unfortunately, you cannot. You can download it to your system but it will not run. If you don’t have a computer or any mobile devices with Android or iOS your next best option would be to ask a friend to download it for you then give you a PSN code.
A new code can be generated every five minutes. This cool down is needed to reduce server loads during peak usage.
No, your account will never get banned. Many people have tested bosspsncodegen in different countries and redeemed the generated PSN codes without any problems. Some people are concerned about their privacy so we took extra steps to protect the end user by connecting through a pirate VPN and we took it an extra step further by connecting through another public proxy.
If you watch the video on the site, you can see exactly how the software works. Listed below are the steps to take when running the app.

  1. Download bosspsncodegen.
  2. Unzip all the flies included in the zip file.
    • Windows/Mac: use 7zip.
    • Android: Winzip app or similar.
    • iOS: iZip app or similar.
  3. Run bosspsncodegen. (Update software before first use if necessary.)
  4. Load plugins into the app.
  5. Select the location you live in.
  6. Select the voucher you would like.
  7. Press “Generate Code”
  8. Wait for the process to finish.
  9. Once finished the code will be displayed in the console.
  10. Write down the code.
  11. Redeem your code through your Playstation 4, web browser (by logging into your Playstation Network account), etc.
  12. Once entered and redeemed the balance will be in your wallet if you selected a $50 or $20 voucher code. If you selected the Playstation Plus code then your new PS+ membership will be added or renewed with the current duration of your membership.
It’s really simple to do. The steps will be listed for you below:

  1. Run bosspsncodegen.
  2. Load the plugins.
  3. Select your location.
  4. Enter in your current Online ID in the left box of “Change Online ID”
  5. Then enter in the new ID name you want in the box to the right. If the name is already taken you will have to enter in one that is not being used.
  6. Press “Change Online ID”
  7. Wait for the processes to finish.
  8. Once complete you will get a notification.
  9. It may take between 30 minutes to an hour before you will see your new ID on your PSN account. For some people, it may take longer but no longer than a day.