Change PSN ID

Change your PSN Online ID Username

A lot of users have been asking for a way to change their PSN ID profile names. But Sony has not enabled this feature after many requests and petitions. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon either.

Hacking the servers to change your online ID is one way you can do it. It’s part of the PSN code generator and can be used by anyone. Changing a username is easy and you are able to do it as many times as you want. It works on Playstation 4, PS3, and PS Vita.

People need new Gamertags because they might want to start branding themselves. Streaming games on Twitch and uploading content on YouTube will make it easier for people to find you. Or you might want a new screen name because the one you made years ago was just plain silly. We were all kids, we made up weird names that we thought was cool. Now that you’re older and mature, carrying around your old childish ID just isn’t cool anymore.

How you can change your Playstation Network ID

We recently implemented PSN ID name changes into Bosspsncodegen. The app will quickly change to any username you want (as long as hasn’t already been taken by someone else) and port over your trophies and friends. Nothing will be lost, everything will be transferred over. Your previous ID will still be intact, it will no be deleted. You still have access to it and log into the account using it like you normally would.

If you’re looking to disable to delete your past account it can’t be done. You just stop using it. It is best if you clear all your info before you completely stop using the Playstation Network ID.

Another method would be to create a new account. Technically this isn’t changing your Gamertag but it is an option. You would also lose all your trophies, achievements, and your friends list. If you have a huge number of friends be prepared to spend some time re-adding everyone on your new account.

Why Sony won’t allow name changes to PSN IDs

It’s mainly due to the hackers, trolls, basically the toxic people in the Playstation gaming community. They would go into games and commit their heinous acts, leave, change their username, then go about doing it again. Reporting them would be more difficult when you’re trying to trace them down.

There is no date set in stone, even though Sony did state that it’s something they plan on adding in the future. It’s been a few years already and nothing has been announced publicly. There are tons of rumors going around, stating that it will happen very soon. But these are just rumors. We can only wait until it finally does happen.