Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find the answers to the most questions most asked. If you can’t locate the answer to your question, then please go to the contact page to send us a message.

Do I need a computer to run the software?

If a computer is not available to you, you can use the app which is available for Apple mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) or any Android device.

Could I run this on my Playstation 4 internet browser?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can download it on your console, but it will not run. Don’t have a computer or any mobile devices with Android or iOS? Your next best option would be to ask a friend to download it for you then give you a PSN code.

How many PSN codes can I generate and how many times I can I redeem each one?

A new code can be generated every five minutes. This cool down is needed to reduce server loads during peak usage.

Will I get banned for using this?

No, your account will never get banned. Many people have tested bosspsncodegen in different countries redeeming the generated PSN codes without any problems. Some people are concerned about their privacy, so we took extra steps to protect the end user by connecting through a pirate VPN, and we took it an extra step further by using public proxies.

How do I use the PSN code generator?

Watch the video on the homepage, and you’ll see exactly how the software works. Listed below are the steps to take:

  1. Download bosspsncodegen.
  2. Unzip all the files included in the zip file.
    • Windows/Mac: use 7zip.
    • Android: Winzip or similar.
    • iOS: iZip or similar.
  3. Run the program. (Update the software before if necessary.)
  4. Load plugins into the app.
  5. Select the location you live in.
  6. Pick the voucher you would like.
  7. Press “Generate Code”
  8. Let the process finish before continuing.
  9. Once finished the code will display on the console.
  10. Write down it down.
  11. Redeem it through your Playstation 4 web browser (by logging into the Playstation Network account), etc.
  12. Once entered and redeemed, the balance of $50 or $20 will be added to your account and displayed in your wallet. If you chose the Playstation Plus voucher, then your new PS+ membership will get added or renewed with the current duration of your membership.

How do I change my Playstation Online ID?

It’s simple to do. The steps are listed for you below:

  1. Run bosspsncodegen.
  2. Load the plugins.
  3. Choose your location.
  4. Enter your current username in the left box of “Change Online ID”
  5. Then enter the new ID name you want inside the box to the right. If the screen name is already registered, then you’ll have to enter in one that is not being used.
  6. Press “Change Online ID”
  7. Wait for the changes to finish.
  8. When it is complete, a notification will pop up.
  9. It may take between 30 minutes to an hour before you will see your new ID on your PSN account. For some people, it might take longer but no longer than a day.

Why are you guys pretty much giving away games for free?

We’re kids in college studying computer science. We know how tough it is when you’re on a hard budget. Video games are too expensive, and they don’t seem to get any cheaper with all the extra DLCs that should already be included when your purchase the game.

We wanted to give something special for the gaming community and share the skills that we’ve attained. You should buy the games that you’ve downloaded with the help of our app. Keep the community alive and support the developers!