Here's how to get free Playstation Plus codes

free playstation plus membership
We’ve all been through that struggle, your membership is about to expire, and it’s time to renew.  The game you’ve been waiting for years is finally coming out in a few days.  You check your bank account, but it doesn’t agree with you at all.  So what do you sacrifice?  Online multiplayer for a year or the video game you have been dying to play?  What if we told you it’s possible to get a subscription for PS4 without having to pay?

We created software and apps that generate codes which you can use to redeem in the Playstation Store.  The vouchers can purchase anything that’s available in the PS store, newly released games, DLCs, skins, movies, music, etc.  Access to the PSN code generator is easy.  It is designed to work on your Android phone, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC.

What is Playstation Plus?

Playstation Plus is an optional membership-based subscription, which gives you access to premium features.  It can be purchased for durations of one month, three months, or a year.  You do get a free trail when it’s your first time signing up for the PSN.

Premium features include substantial discounts on games, access to beta trials, updates automatically pushed to your console, free titles every month, game saves get stored online, and the ability to play multiplayer.

One of the biggest cons about PS+ is that you need it to play any kind of multiplayer online.  This wasn’t the case in the past, and many players are furious about it.  So if you buy a video game that is meant for online play, you’ll also need a PS+ subscription.  You just wanted the game, and now it makes it all that much more expensive.  It’s the main reason players even get the membership.

Most modern games have multiplayer implemented.  Take for example the Call of Duty and Battlefield series.  They are widely popular and are pretty much made as a multiplayer game.  Some people don’t even bother with the single player campaign, they completely skip it and jump right into multiplayer.

The only console that is affected by this is the Playstation 4.  PS3 and Vita are the only Sony consoles that get free multiplayer online.  Xbox is not so different; you need a Xbox Gold membership as well.  Only Nintendo has decided not to jump on the bandwagon.  They still stay true to their roots and kept gaming through the internet for free for everyone.

The good thing about being a member is the free games you get every month.  Playstation calls this the Instant game collection.  For as long as you are a subscriber to the service these games will remain in your archive.  They can always be downloaded and played again.  If you don’t renew your membership, you’ll be locked out from playing these titles.
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How can I get PS Plus for free?

Contests & Giveaways

Many big gaming influences on Twitch and YouTube occasionally do giveaways.  They usually ask you to sub, comment, like, or share their social media pages to enter the contest.

The chances of winning are usually very slim.  It never hurts to enter these giveaways.  Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and actually win the contest.

Use a PSN code generator

We recommend this option to take because you don’t need to wait.  You just generate the free Playstation Plus codes from the app, and within minutes it’s ready to be used.  Having an unlimited supply of PSN codes means you never have to spend a single dollar on video subscription fees.

Take advantage of free trials

Doing this can be very cumbersome.  You’re required to fill out a bunch of forms every single time the trial expires.  Guess how long the trial lasts?  Only two days!  Yeah, you have to sign up every two days, and it will only work seven times.  When your seven trail passes are up, you will be forced to delete all the accounts on the PS4, and this includes any games you already downloaded.  In our opinion, it’s not the best route to take.  Here’s a video explaining how it’s done.