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4 Tips to Look Confident in Wearing Minus Glasses

Choosing the minus glasses model must be well thought out and full of consideration. Do not buy carelessly, because you will wear these glasses every day. If you buy the wrong one, your beauty will be less than optimal. There are a few tips you can follow to make it more comfortable in choosing and wearing minus glasses.

Just like choosing clothes for everyday style, you need various considerations before deciding to wear them. Remember, the comfort in wearing minus glasses it’s important. If it’s more comfortable, you will be more confident.

1. Adjust the minus glasses to the shape of the face

Everyone who wears glasses should choose minus glasses that suit the shape of the face. So the first thing you have to do is know the shape of your face, whether it is round, oval, square, or heart shape. After that, then you can determine the minus glasses model that matches your face. If you do not understand, you can consult with Optometrist Sutherland by contacting them at number 02 9521 2939.

2. Select the appropriate frame and glasses size

Don’t underestimate the choice of eyeglass frames, because the wrong choice can affect bone health in the parts around your eyes. Also, the size of the eyeglass frame is an essential factor that determines your comfort while wearing glasses. Moreover, you need to wear them all day. Of course, you would love the most comfortable one.

For that reason, do not choose the wrong size of the minus glasses frame. Eyeglasses that are too big or too narrow can also make your eyes get tired quickly. In the long term, glasses could break if it doesn’t suit you best

3. Choose the right color and match the hair and skin color

Aside from the shape of the face, it would help if you chose a minus glasses model according to your skin color. If you choose the wrong color, glasses would dominate the look of your face, or even make your appearance look paler. Surely you don’t want it, do you?

For that reason, try to adjust your minus glasses with skin and hair color. One trick is to equalize colors through undertones. You can determine the color of your skin, whether it is a warm or cold undertone. After that, you can choose the undertone as the common thread of your minus glasses display.

4. Adjust the glasses to the shape of your nose

Every woman has a different nose shape. The nose serves to hold your glasses. Of course, you have to choose the minus glasses model that suits the shape of the nose.

Some have sharp noses, or snub nose. A pug or tiny nose should choose glasses with a short bridge width. The characteristic is the distance between the left and right lenses. Make sure the bridge width is correct, so you don’t get bothered by glasses sagging.