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All couples must have a dream of married only once in their lifetime. That is why, they definitely want to hold a very special wedding, wherever they are. There are those who did abroad, but there are also those who prefer to do their event in the country. In conducting a wedding, you can try using the service from Marquee Hire Melbourne. Among the various marriage concepts that are often held, outdoor concepts still have many enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many weddings that use outdoor concepts, actually experience problems due to lack of knowledge of these five things

  • Weather

Different with indoor parties, that will not be affected even though it rains outside, in outdoors party, the weather plays an important role. Even though you have set up your tent in some parts, the rainwill make your guests can not walk freely. Therefore, it’s better if before you decide to use this concept you consider the season when will you get married.

  • Decoration

In the outdoor concept, all decorations will be mounted with supports. Make sure that all the decorations are properly installed and strong. Moreover, the ground surface on the outdoor concept is not as flat as the indoor floor. This floor thing must be highly considered. If it not planned carefully, a bad thing such as decorations that fall due to being nudged or exposed to strong winds could possibly happened.

  • Clothes

It’s a good idea to include the outdoor concept in the invitation to  inform the invited guest. Because there are some clothes or shoes that are not appropriate if used for this concept. Remember, your guests probably failed to enjoy the show because of this problem.

  • Venue

Each venue inoutdoor concepts must have differences, starting from the capacity, the atmosphere around, and other things. Choose a venue with the right capacity to suit your invited guests. Dont forget to pay attention to the atmosphere around and choose the venue with the best atmosphere according to your budget.

  • Electricity

You definitely need electricity during the event, both for the sound system and lighting. At outdoor parties, electricity will come from inside the room which is then connected by cables to various locations that require electricity. Be careful when handling these cables so they don’t become a problem during the party. For example, lack of attention could create accidents such as your guest fell because tripping over cables.

Another important thing is to choose the position of the food and drink table. If you hold an event during the dry season where the weather tends to be dry, the beverage will be on demand. It’s a good idea, if the beverage is placed in several locations to make it easier for guests to get the drink.