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5 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia with a dark and sad history

Have you ever thought about visiting a destination that used to have a dark history? This tour is called ‘dark tourism’. This tour is focused on taking a look back at places that used to be places of mass murder or humanitarian tragedies, whether it happened because of war, conflict, or natural disasters.

In this place, tourists can learn from the dark sheets of human history. Here are five dark tourist destinations in Southeast Asia:

Bangkok Forensic Medicine Museum, Thailand

When visiting Bangkok, many tourists usually visit temples or other famous tourist attractions. But for those of you who like anti-mainstream travel, try visiting the Bangkok Forensic Medicine Museum.

The Forensic Museum is inside the Siriraj Hospital, located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Inside the museum, tourists can see victims’ portraits of some accidents. If you are looking for comfortable accommodation to stay during your anti-mainstream vacations in Bangkok, Aetas Convenient Hotel Sukhumvit is the right choice.

Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park, Thailand

Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park is located in the district of Takua Pa, in Southern Thailand. This place used to be a village, but, almost the entire region was swept away by the tsunami in 2004. As a result of the tsunami, two large ships were dragged to this village and became one of the memorials for the tsunami that occurred at that time. To honor the death of the citizens of Ban Nam Khem, a Tsunami Memorial Park was built. The park is equipped with a wave-shaped tunnel, photographs and flowers.

Hoa Lo Prison, Vietnam

The next place is Hoa Lo Prison. This place presents you with dark stories of Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. Various oppressions occurred in this prison, ranging from extreme torture to the death penalty for inmates.

During your visit to this prison, you will no longer find torture rooms that were used to execute prisoners. You will be presented with a museum showroom that tells of the torture of Hoa Lo Prison in the past.

Various statues try to portray the pain of the oppression experienced by prisoners, ranging from stock punishment to the death sentence. The painting that tells cruelty inside the prison also exists. Footage such as battle scenes and the arrest of prisoners can be witnessed there.

Penang War Museum, Malaysia

The Penang War Museum, also known as the Ghost Hill, is one of the most haunted places in Asia. Originally, the Penang War Museum was a fortress built by the British during World War 2. After the war over, the 80,937 square meter fort was made into a museum to remember the soldiers who died during the war. Inside the fortress, you can find an underground military tunnels, ammunition bunkers, logistics centers, and the infirmary.