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7 Little Things That Can Make A Big Change in Your Appearance

Tired of everyday looks? Try changing styles to look fresher. Hair dye, short cuts, wearing glasses, or face filler may be an instant way to change your appearance. Doing a few small makeovers can actually make a drastic change without you knowing it. Besides being safe, this method is also suitable for those of you who don’t like to be complicated! Anything? Check out below!

1. Beautify your nails with nail art

If you are used to appearing with plain nails, now is the time to experiment with nail art, Bela! You can visit the nearest nail beauty salon or try it yourself at home. You can try playing with colors, giving pictures, adding glitter or even beads to get cute and adorable nails. Don’t want to be complicated? You can also look elegant with a plain manicure that makes your nails look beautiful.

2. Brighten teeth

It’s time to show off your prettiest smile with brighter teeth color. Don’t worry about your friends not realizing, they will definitely know something has changed from your face. In addition to a fresher smile, you will also appear confident with the help of teeth whitener. Apart from going to the dentist, you can also do your own treatment at home with the help of special teeth whiteners sold in beauty stores. Guaranteed, you are always ready to show off!

3. Diet

Diet can make you look more different, especially for those of you who are overweight. When you have the ideal body shape, you can choose clothes as you like, because all clothes are definitely appropriate for you to wear. If you don’t have an ideal body, you can exercise and take natural supplements like proven.

4. Add bangs or hair layer

Tired of your hairstyle but afraid of the wrong cut? Just change your appearance a little by wearing bangs and you will have new hair. You can also give your hair a new touch by adding an accent layer. Your appearance will definitely get compliments.

5. Change the hair texture

If you are used to appearing with straight and neat hair, try experimenting a little! Give a messy touch to your hair by giving it waves or curly accents in your hair. Without the need to go to a salon, you can try it yourself with a hair straightener at home. Just give it a little wave at the end of the hair to make it look more natural.

6. Changing the style of the hair part

Your new appearance only takes one move. If you don’t want to change the appearance of your hair too drastically, you can simply change the parting style. If your hair used to be parted in the middle, try changing it to a side part that accents the long bangs that frame your face. It must be really beautiful!

7. Straighten eyebrows

You know, eyebrow shape can actually change your appearance to be cuter, you know! Afraid to try eyebrow embroidery? You can try the threading option at the salon or clean it up yourself at home using tweezers. You don’t need to change the shape, you just need to tidy up the short eyebrow hairs and follow the shape of your eyebrows to make it look neat. Cheap, easy, and fun! Don’t forget to clean your tweezers to make them sterile first!