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Bana Hills Hill, Area that Attracts Tourists

Located at 1,400 meters above sea level, Bana Hills, located in the western region of Danang City, Vietnam had shocked the world of tourism. How come? Two giant hands support the golden bridge in the beautiful hills.

The Golden Bridge, or the Cau Vang Bridge, has been built since French colonial times. But only in recent years the bridge has been restored and made into a masterpiece that can attract tourists both local and foreign.

The appearance of two giant hands, or many who call it God’s hand, seems like made of cracked large stone. It is correct, the management itself, TA Landscape Architecture, clarifies this. The two hands have a steel frame coated with fiberglass and then a texture finishing that resembles mossy stones.

Not only that. You can see that along the bridge, there are purple Lobelia chrysanthemums that add to the elegant impression of the golden bridge. The color purple has always been considered the color of kings, especially in Europe.

The funds issued is also huge. The investment for the renovation took up to US $ 2M and was designed by a designer named Vu Viet Anh.

It is planned that the bridge will be connected to a silver bridge. A new bridge will be designed by the same designer. The purpose is to make Bana Hills will have another amazing bridge. Unfortunately, it is still unknown when the project will be implemented.

The beautiful views of the hills make it become an icon of tourist attraction. This place is very suitable for family travel destinations, reunions, trips to unwind after hard work. Or even, becoming a place for a meeting or even a special wedding. Here, there is the Business Hotel Danang that is no less iconic. Designed with the nuances of 19th century Gothic France in each room. This hotel surrounded by nature Bana Hills that spoil the eyes