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Benefits of Staying at a 5-Star Hotel during Vacation

when the holiday season arrives, many people will spend their time traveling. During the holiday, people like to visit natural attractions, cultural tourism, or just a walk around the city. The holiday is always related to travel, vacation, hotel, or inn. For those who want to pamper themselves truly, a 5-star hotel is a right choice.

However, many people in society still wonder why staying at a hotel with many stars?

Not only movies on IMDB that have ratings, the hotel also has a rating classification, which makes each hotel goes into different classes. In the hospitality world, the star system was introduced by the Forbes Travel Guide magazine in 1958. This system then became popular and was followed by many circles, both governments such as Vietnam’s government and institutions in the tourism industry. For hotels in Vietnam, the hotel rating is set by the Vietnam Hotel Association (VHS).

Until now, there has been no agreement or international standards regarding the star of the hotel. Although it varies, in general, all rating systems use a scale of 1 to 5 to describe the quality of a hotel. From service, food, cleanliness, complete facilities, to the proximity of the location to the tourist destination, all are entering the assessment criteria. The more qualities you have, the more stars you get.

5-star hotels always prioritize service. Guests must feel welcomed and served like a king here.

Among the many hotel ratings, 5-star hotels are the best-ranked hotels. In 5 star hotel, every guest will be treated like a royal family since they arrived. With a minimum number of 100 standard rooms and suite rooms of at least four rooms, a 5-star hotel is guaranteed to make guests satisfied to stay. Restaurant facilities are available at this 5-star hotel. The restaurant is open 24 hours, and meals can be delivered to the room. Besides, those who work there are required to master a foreign language. For example, 5 Star Hotel Saigon Des Arts, this hotel is the best example that represents 5-star hotels in Saigon. The reason this place becomes a 5-star hotel is because of the facilities provided and the fantastic services.