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Cheap shopping places in Bangkok

Holidays are not just about enjoying a myriad of attractions, if you visit Bangko, you can visit cheap shopping places to do a unique souvenir hunt. Thailand for the past few years has become a major tourist destination for both local and foreign. Traveling to this White Elephant Country is not enough if you only spent one day. Many interesting attractions must be visited, especially in the capital city. But don’t worry, there are many 5 Star Hotel with luxurious facilities, one of which is Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

It’s no longer a secret that Bangkok is a popular city. All your needs are met, from natural attractions, culinary, cultural to shopping. For those of you who plan to travel to Bangkok, here are the 3 best shopping places. Limited vacation budget is not a barrier to hunting beautiful trinkets in this city.

1. Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is a place for local drop shippers in Thailand. The majority of buyers in this market are those who will resell their products at a slightly higher price. This market is located directly opposite The Platinum Fashion Mall and is famous as the largest clothing market in Thailand. You can explore every corner of the market, both inside and outside to find various types of interesting fashion lined up.

Pratunam Market is open 24 hours. You can satisfy yourself by buying quality clothing at affordable prices. Additional information for visitors, sellers in this market offer special prices for every purchase of clothes above 3 pcs. One more thing, you can ask for a discount of up to 30{437b99f5a56dabd2fb148e9b8b81e59488f4de0948fc9d4ae1f605904da49450} off.

2. Khao San Road

Khao San Road might be more suitable for backpackers. This place has become a recommendation for backpackers who have a limited budget. In Khao San Road, you can hunt for unique souvenirs, such as paintings, crafts, and accessories.

The average price of goods sold is more affordable. It would be better if you aster the art f bargain here. Besides being a cheap shopping place, this area is also known as a culinary paradise of Thailand. Enjoy the thrill of shopping while hunting for delicious food with Asian taste.

3. Sukhumvit Road

Besides Khaosan Road, Sukhumvit Road is also a shopping place in Bangkok. This place offers the atmosphere of a typical Thai night market. The view on Sukhumvit Road is not much different from Khaosan Road, where a row of traditional stalls lined up offering a variety of food and souvenirs typical of Thailand.

Not all merchants offer products at affordable prices, so you don’t be in a rush to buy something. You should ask first the price of the item because most products at this shopping place are negotiable, even the price can be twice half they offer to you