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Common Problems That Make Car Engine Damaged Quickly

Cars become the most comfortable vehicles to drive, however, cars often experience things that lead to damage. A damage in a car can be in the form of air conditioners, engines, compressors, lights, and so forth.

To deal with a damaged car, every car owner must know what types of problems that often occur. By recognizing any damage, you will know how to handle it. If you are confused about solving problems that exist in your car, you can use the services of Mr. Mechanical, they can help you overcome problems that occur in your car. Especially for customers who are on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Mr. Mechanical provides a discount mechanic Gold Coast up to 75{437b99f5a56dabd2fb148e9b8b81e59488f4de0948fc9d4ae1f605904da49450}.

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What are the 4 Common Problems That Make a Car Damaged Fast?

1. Car Engine Is Hard To Turn On When Cold

Car engines are difficult to start in the morning certainly not something strange anymore. Three things cause it, namely:

  • When the engine is cold, the car is often difficult to start. This happens because of a lack of electricity or voltage to the battery. So that the engine does not work optimally
  • The loose, dirty and rusty battery terminal condition is also the reason why the car is difficult to start. Therefore, clean the battery and terminal periodically to prevent accumulation of dirt

2. Car Engine Is Hard To Turn On When It’s Hot

The cause of point number two is the opposite of point number one. Car engines will certainly heat up automatically when it is used continuously, especially for long trips. The absence of a pause or rest time can make the engine hot.

The most severe impact due to endless use is overheating. When the engine is very hot the car can even break down in the middle of the road. If one component in the engine is also broken, the link between the starter to the engine is not optimal.

3. The machine just dies often

Has your car’s engine suddenly died when it was just turned on? This problem often occurs with car owners. This happens because some engine components are damaged. For example, alternators, batteries, or battery terminal wires that are loose, damaged or broken.

Also, problems that occur in the engine obstruct commands sent from the ignition to the engine. Sparks that come out of the engine indicate that there are broke components.

4. The indicator light continues to turn on

Indicator lights are usually used as a guide. This lamp is usually on if given orders. After that, this lamp will turn off. If your car’s indicator lights keep on flashing without a command, it could be due to a mismatch between the oil and the specifications of your car type.

Also, this happens because the size of the oil volume is not following what is recommended by the car manufacturer and technician. Therefore, use the original type of oil for your car. If one day the oil wears out or runs out, you should replace it with new oil.

Those are 4 common problems that make your car damaged. Before this happens, it would be nice if you care more about your favorite car. Bring your car regularly to dress up, both the exterior, interior, and engine parts. By frequently taking the car to the garage, the car will also be more durable.