Fun Games as Inspiration when visiting the Beach

Of the many natural attractions in Thailand, Kamala Beach tourism is one of the most popular and sought after by tourists to fill their holidays, especially before the Christmas and New Year holidays. If you want to visit this place don’t forget to prepare the hotel accommodation. You need to book hotel accommodations in advance so you won’t run out a room. You can try to book one of the 4 Star Hotel Phuket, Novotel Phuket Kamala, as a place to stay.

On Kamala beach, there are lots of games, and also spot photos. You can try many things here, the view is very beautiful especially before sunset. But there are some things that you may pay attention to when you visit this place.

Vacationing at Kamala Beach is not always about swimming, surfing or just photos. There are lots of fun game activities that you can do together with friends or family. Let’s look at this inspiration:


You must often hear the name of this game. Frisbee can be one of the exciting beach games to do together. If you want to play this game, you don’t need many things to prepared, just one Frisbee ball, you can play Frisbee together. 

Limbo at The Beach

You don’t bring any games? Look for bamboo or long wood around you to create an exciting game. Limbo at The Beach can be done with more than 5 people. This game requires two people holding long wood or bamboo which are getting lower and lower. The way this game is through the wood or bamboo with a stylish backward-looking. This game initially does look easy. But, the longer you play, the more difficult this game. When the bamboo is getting low, the fun of this game increased.


Badminton is one of the exciting games to do at the beach. Badminton can be an exciting activity to play in pairs or groups. If you plan to have this game, don’t forget to bring your racket and shuttlecock from home.


For you who enjoy the holiday, playing ball on the beach is also one of the exciting activities that are worth a try. Not always done by men, the ball is also a game that can be done by women. You can play the ball by making a competition between groups of women versus men.

Tug of war

For you who want to try a new game, try to bring a rope in your group vacation. To play tug of war, you need at least 10 people, five people in each team. If you don’t have that many members in your group, you can invite other tourists to join in playing together.

That’s the 5 games you can try while on vacation at the beach, which one is your favorite?