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Get acquainted with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

 Wherever you run a business, be it retail, real estate, finance, social media business, you need applications that work well in supporting the business. Applications must be reliable, secure and cost-efficient. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud service provider, AWS offers computing power, database storage space, content delivery networks and other functionalities that help many businesses to develop and run applications well.

AWS provides a large selection of products that make it easy to build a business. Infrastructure as a service is the right term for AWS.

Some AWS products have been designed to make it easy for users, for example, Elastic Container Service (ECS). ECS is a virtual server. The convenience offered by ECS is if you compare it to a traditional server. For those of you who are looking for an ECS service provider, you can try using the services of Polar Seven. They are a dedicated and certified AWS team that can provide SMB and Enterprise solutions to your company.

On a traditional server, you have to know in detail the specifications of the server you want, what kind of support, spare parts, then placement in the data center, and the process is not easy. If you set up too many servers, while computing needs are not much, you will waste a lot of costs.

Whereas if you prepare a few servers while computing needs very much, this will disrupt the business. If today we need 10 servers, while tomorrow we need 20 servers, then the day after tomorrow will be 1 server. This is very possible by ECS. Some large businesses, they can build more than 1 million containers over 500 r3.8xl instances.

 AWS ECS consists of various types of instances:

  1. Type “compute” which uses code: c4. large or c3.xlarge,
  2. ┬áType “general purpose” which uses code: m4.large or m3.xlarge.

You can choose according to your needs. Then the next example of AWS products is Kinesis Streams. Kinesis Streams is an AWS product based on Streams. One of the open-source products that support stream technology is Apache Kafka. If you use Apache Kafka, you must know how to operate it, how to do scaling, ensure data durability, disaster recovery, high availability and more.

By using Kinesis Streams, you don’t need to think about scaling, no need to think about data durability, disaster recovery, high availability and you can immediately use the streaming service.