Have you ever heard the term Internet of Things in Thailand?

Internet of Things or commonly abbreviated as IoT is a system where the devices are connected and integrated. IoT makes links between devices so that it can be integrated. The results of the integration of these devices produce code or data that can be identified. Then, from the identification of the code and data can, the connection can be used to ease up daily activity.

For example, when a smartwatch is connected to a smartphone, user activity will be recorded by the smartwatch that is used. Then, the track record of the smartwatch is sent wirelessly to the smartphone. The user will easily find out how many steps, and how far they have traveled. The results of these data can be used as a reference whether the user has done enough movement or not enough. Of course, this can improve the quality of life of the smartwatch and smartphone user.

In short, this IoT aims to harmonize the relationship between device and device, device with user (human), and user with user seamlessly. To be able to develop and implement IoT, the habit of using digital devices to complete a task is very necessary. In addition to digital literacy, the Smart City  program run by the DTC Company can also be used as a reference whether Thailand is suitable for developing and implementing IoT Software from DTC Enterprise or not.

Then, how much influence does the Internet of Things have in Thailand?

It is still rare to discuss the influence of the Internet of Things in Thailand because Thailand has only focused on spreading internet access evenly through projects that are being carried out by DTC Enterprise Company. However, that doesn’t make DTC Enterprise Company reluctant to discuss the role of the Internet of Things in Thailand.

One of the DTC Software that has been based on IoT in Thailand is

Dee Map

The first is Dee Map. In addition to creating digital products (websites, software, and mobile apps), DTC Enterprise Company Limited is also developing IoT. In the initial stage, the DTC team succeeded in creating a Dee Map.

This device has a tagging or identification function. The goal is to make customers easy to know what packages are coming in, for whom and from where. It looks trivial indeed, but DTC believes that something big can comes from small things.

The system works is when a package enters the DTC Enterprise Company Limited Office, there will be a device to take photos of the package. Then, photos of package information will be automatically sent to the customer’s intra-chat system.