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Historical and Cultural Tourism in Vietnam

Vietnam has its own Historical Tourism. So, it is not wrong if many tourist attractions there are specifically set up for families.

Some of the history and cultural tourism are Jade Emperor Pagoda, Hoi An Old Town, Hoa Lo Prison.

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As explained above, there are 3 places to visit in Vietnam:

1. Jade Emperor Pagoda

This place was built in 1909, used to honor the Taoist God, the highest god in Vietnam. A different atmosphere will be felt when tourists have set foot in this area. The impression is truly amazing.

Visitors will also see various kinds of gods’ statues as well as heroes. You can also see people who are praying fervently.

It is expected for tourists to remain calm when there is prayer. Another uniqueness of this place is tourists can smell a variety of flowers and incense.

Take a look at the surrounding, the architecture of this building is made of wood with beautiful and attractive carvings that makes tourists feel new experience.

Your eyes will be stunned to see these engravings are like eternal works, that are built with very complicated works that will let you wonder.

They’re also a 4-meter high statue that is usually becoming a photo spot for visitors. This statue is portrayed as it fighting against a green dragon. There is also a general fight against the white tiger.

2. Hoi An Old City

Hoi An is the old city in Vietnam you should not miss. Formerly, this region used to became a trading port which linked Europe and Asia in 17 centuries. Currently, this port is no longer used and because the newest port is built in another city.

Here, tourists can see a variety of very charming old buildings. Another interesting thing is, this attraction is well maintained and has a clean environment.

In this place, tourists can enjoy French channels and houses established by Chinese and Japanese that used to stop by in the region.

In 1999, Hoi An city joined the list of world heritage sites from UNESCO. This place also quite a charming river with beautiful nuances. And not to forget the historical museums that can be enjoyed.

3. Hoa Lo Prison Museum

This prison was named after United States prisoner of war. Here tourists can see various collections of prison which use in the 1950s.

One of the collections is  that portrayed how the people of Vietnam fought for, seizing independence from the French state

Besides, there are also execution tools during the Vietnam revolution, that still look well-cared. This museum has long been built. It is built-in 1896. At the time this museum is a prison built and initiated by the French government.