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Knowing a digital asset, is no less important than a real asset

If the ancients had only real or physical assets, different in the age of technology and digital as they are today. It turns out that not only do real investments come from real investment like land or gold. But there are also assets that are not obvious but that are able to bring money purses, through digital assets. Those of you who don’t understand a digital asset are asking to ask what a digital asset is?

A digital asset is all written material or media that could be drilled into binary sources, including the right to use them. Digital files that do not include the rights already mentioned above are not considered digital assets. Digital assets are generally categorized as images and multimedia, called media and content.

Digital assets are data that keep coming as technology advances, regardless of the device in which the digital asset itself is stored or made. In a digital age, we need understanding of digital assets. Because of digital asset management, brand management software platform, and many others. Lately it is proliferating.

Conventional broadcasts or printing assets slowly change into a sophisticated digital form. On this basis the growth of the digital asset management industry is soaring. Let’s call ita company like creative folks IT that consistently develops their company to provide third-party digital asset management through a web-based repository.

Thus, it can be concluded that this digital asset can be in the form of images or writing that are in a technological device, where these assets can be formatted in binary form.

After learning about digital assets, what are the next questions? Let’s look at various digital assets that you may have had in any one of them.


Web is gaining popularity and is becoming an Internet service with the most users. Some Internet users even thought of the web as the only service on the Internet. Web technology continues to roll from the era of industry 1.0, 2.0 and trend to 3.0. We are now entering the industrial age 4.0, where Internet users are skyrocketing, certainly as well as affected web users who are following the trend.

Social Media

Who doesn’t have social media in this era? I think almost anyone, from all walks of life or background, as long as he knows technology and smartphones must be socially media. The higher the social media users are going to be a big opportunity to make money purses, and if they have made a lot of profit, of course these social media are our digital assets. An example of a profitable social media influence is that, taking our social media like facebook or instagram as money and business media, selling clothes, food, anything.

Digital Business profile

You who have the IT abilities, can be used to create a digital business profile. Especially these days that require a company profile or a digital branding. This is, of course, a huge opportunity for this field and it’s going to be the money vault.