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New service to make your Instagram account better. service is a replacement for scrolling likes and subscriptions.

In 2018, the user Reddit asked why stories in his account are viewed by random people, although he does not use hashtags. The answers suggested that his page is found through the “Interesting” tab or through the algorithms of recommendations. What’s happening now is called “masslooking” – this phenomenon was told about in runet back in 2017. Although the algorithm of this method is known for a long time, the services to promote accounts in Instagram began to offer the service only in April.

The number of users studying Instagram tape is gradually declining.  People are tired of retouched photos and incomprehensible texts in posts.  Storis is the only place where you can still find “live” content.  In addition, it is always visible at the top of the program interface.  You just need to click on the user avatar to get acquainted with new materials.

Brand and blogger accounts use this function through third-party Instagram services. With its help, you can automatically view up to 80 thousand stories per day from a page. On average, services offer viewing one story for 0.01.

Brands use masslooking service with the same purpose as “mass phishing” (mass subscription) and “mass commenting” (mass mailing of comments) – to attract new audience. They expect that if users see an unknown account in their views, they will be interested and at least go to the profile, and ideally – subscribe.

SMM-managers and companies that offer SMM-services, consider this way of promotion effective. They rely on the fact that everyone monitors their views to find out if the history was viewed by a user of interest to him. Brands brag about mass marketing and give away the scheme of cheat for “promotion strategy in the social network”.

Advantages of promotion with the help of service

Large coverage.  masslooking service can be configured for 1000 Storis views per day or 80,000 views. It is almost impossible to compare the coverage of massluxing and masspooling without Instagram sanctions.

Audience loyalty.  Almost all users know about massaging and maspholoving, so a new liking or subscription does not cause any response from users.  Especially if you subscribe to a profile of some “Plastic Windows Saratov” or “Vegan products with delivery.  Viewing Storis is something personal.  The user gets the impression that someone cares about him or her, or is even interested in him or her.  Most likely, he will review an unfamiliar profile – out of courtesy or curiosity.

No extra content in the ribbon.  

By using service, you turn your ribbon into a dumpster from your posts.  There is no such drawback in the mass viewing of Storis – in the ribbon will be posts only of those people to whom you consciously signed up.