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Music Wall Art & Canvas Prints

Because Haji’s skilled hands delineate the music on this arresting method, one should assume that her mind also absorbs it like a sponge, choosing up each massive or small element within the scores she performs and mentally fitting them collectively like a grasp weaver creating a bit of fabric. What she does is each deeply felt and musically exacting on the similar time, and it’s a disgrace that she is not higher identified. The pearl-like high quality of Haji’s touch, tempered by moments of highly effective taking half in when the music calls for it.

Every phrase is sure, and leads from one to the subsequent like a string of pearls. If I needed to evaluate her to one great pianist from the past, it might be Clara Haskil. At occasions, Haji uses a refined rubato to offer the music a barely looser rhythmic feel, and this, too plays to …