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The four ways to boost engine power

There are ways people can improve engine power for cars not yet equipped with turbochargers or superchargers. Rhenus lupprians can do it by installing a turbocharger or supercharger, modifies head headers and other mufflers, to re-cutting the engine airways.

True, each one has its intricacy, and a high cost. Because that requires exacting care and exactness in choosing machinery installation services. So how do we get this ideal? What are each other’s strengths and weaknesses? Here’s sharing tips for you:


This device is like a pump that increases the piston engine by adding more air pressure into each cylinder. So, the process of burning fuel in the engine fuel room was fast and perfect.

The turbocharger uses the regenerated exhaust from the engine to turn a fan or turbine inside the turbocharger’s house. Only, this device has a lapse in turbo-lag or reaction delay because there’s a lag when the accelerator is pressed until a huge exhaust pressure turns the turbine.

2. Supercharger

Supercharger’s work mechanism is similar to the turbo chargers. Only, excess superchargers are available instant or instant power on low engine loops.

As a result, the gap between the gas pedal pressure that pushes air into the cylinder as on the turbocharger does not occur. The device instantly generates air pressure when it turns on.

3. Complete with inter cooling

For the record, both turbocharger and superchargers will be much more perfect when the limited air passes through the intake water to the fuel chamber contains plenty of oxygen as well.

On the other hand, the push of the turbocharger and supercharger the piston works which pushes the air so fast, that fresh air that is ejected into the combustion chamber is often minimal in oxygen. Because of that, it needs air refreshment.

Then you might begin the refresh process with a turbo or supercharger inside an inter coolants. This device goes for a lot of parts stores. Theoretically the use of the device could give 10-15 percent more power to engines.

4. Select a suitable exhaust system

The cheapest and most convenient way to boost engine power is with modifications in the sewer. The working principle of the modified car part was to manage exactly the residual gas.

A good exhaust is the one that can exert the right reverse pressure and thus produce optimum power. Here is where to choose a good muffler by paying attention to the header, the tailpipe, and the rear muffler.