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This Activity Surprisingly Can Effectively Burn Your Body Calories

Do it if you are really unemployed

Run 20 km, swim for 30 minutes, follow the gymnastics for 45 minutes. For those who are overweight, these sports are an attempt to reduce their weight. But is it really any use? Some scientists say that exercise is actually not very effective in terms of losing body. Live healthy, yes, but thin? Not.

The reason is that exercise does not reduce calories much. In fact, to be honest, more calories are reduced in terms of daily activities and sometimes through fun activities.

Besides, doesn’t exercise make it easier to make you hungry? The main reason why you never lose weight is because of excessive eating. So the most effective way to lose weight is a healthy diet.

Hmmm, to be honest there are activities that can reduce calories and those activities we do almost everyday. The problem is that it may sound strange. Let’s see what activities can make you lose weight!

Chew gum

Chewing gum for 18 hours turns out to be able to burn 200 calories, you know. It is advisable not to replace the gum because chewing gum provides 10 calories. So if you replace gum every hour, then you are not burning calories.

Apply lip balm

Applying lip balm 1,500 times for one day is also the equivalent of chewing gum for 18 hours. It’s just that, who wants to put on that much lip balm?


Kisses are fun and burn enough calories. Kissing your partner for two hours can burn 200 calories. So if you have a partner, why don’t you just keep kissing her to reduce your weight?

Make love

Your kiss makes a “hot” atmosphere? No problem. After all, having sex for an entire hour also burns calories as much as applying lip balm 1,500 times. Not to mention when making love, you also kiss your partner. Yes, right?

Brushing teeth

Wow, brushing your teeth is also quite energy-intensive. Brush your teeth 45 times with each session lasting two minutes, so you have the equivalent of one hour of sex. Be careful with bleeding gums.

Take the right supplements

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