Tips for Choosing a Freight Forwarding Service

Choose the right freight forwarding services for online business is very important. If the expedition service that you use turns out to be unprofessional, your business will be affected.

Even if you sell in certain e-commerce, e-commerce parties also have their shipping services. The increase in shipping services make us need to be smart to choose the best company.

These freight forwarding services tips can be used by both sellers or buyers. You need to choose the one that suits your needs. In choosing a freight forwarding service, the seller should pay attention to some issue:

1. Shipping Speed

Choose the freight forwarding services that have the fastest shipping speeds. Yes, you have to try everything first, then judge them. It is better if the company you choose has branches in the remote area so that it will help you in sending your goods in the future. For example, there isĀ SPH Trans, a company which able to do professional shipping quickly.

2. Don’t Focus on the CheapPrice

Usually, to choose the freight forwarding services, the cheapest is the chosen. the cheapest is not always good. We must aware that when we buy goods, we need to pay the shipping costs. So make sure to choose professional expedition service. Especially if the goods we buy are very valuable.

3. able to be tracked via online

Select freight forwarding services that have receipt tracking services online. Usually, it can be done through the official website or the application. Make sure the tracking presents real-time. Sometimes some do provide tracking features but the tracking does not update the data.

With this online tracking, we can see what items are sent.

4. Select Which Provides Door To Door Service

Choose the one that can send goods to the recipient’s home. So the recipient does not need to take it to the expedition’s branch office. Imagine if there is no tracking, then the goods can only be taken at the branch office. If the courier of the branch office did not inform when the goods arrived, the buyer will be upset.

5. Don’t Forget Insurance

This is optional, but if the item to be sent is large or fragile, you should use insurance. Choose a shipping expedition service that can provide goods insurance services. Usually, some provide warranty claims because the goods are damaged when shipping. Some companies are irresponsible about this accident, don’t choose that. There are a lot of shipping forwarding services, please choose what people commonly use and have good service.