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Understand the Types of Tire Damage and How to Avoid It!

As an important component that directly rubs against the road, the tire is one part of the vehicle that is often damaged. There are many causes of tire damage, including bad driving habits and frequent braking. Apart from bad driving habits, choosing an inappropriate tire can also cause the tire to be easily damaged. If you want to find tires with good quality and affordable prices, you can buy them at Southport Budget Tires. It is one of tyre shops Gold Coast that offers various types of tires at affordable prices.

Of course, tire damage will have a bad impact when driving, such as less optimal acceleration, heavier and unbalanced feeling, and the worst is an accident while driving.

Judging from the factors, tire damage have several types. Starting from the mild to the worst, which causes the tire unable to use. Here are the types of tire damage:

Tire damage due to uneven wear

The first type of tire damage is uneven wear. The cause of this type of damage, among others, due to inappropriate spooring.

This uneven wear can be prevented in several ways, first making sure your tire pressure is up to standard, second balancing wheel position routinely, and the last making sure the foot and suspension system is in top shape.

Spot Wear

The next type of tire damage is spot wear. This type of damage is characterized by damage to the surface of the tire in certain parts. This damage is caused by poor driving, one of which often makes sudden braking. Besides, bad suspension and bad wheel balance can also cause spot wear.

Seeing from the causes of this tire damage, the best way to avoid this is to not make sudden braking while driving, check and replace the damaged suspension, and do regular balancing to a trusted workshop.

Tread Cut Penetration

This tire damage occurred not because of technicality, but because of sharp objects on the road. When the tire accidentally ran over a sharp object, then the object will stick to the tire and cause tread cut penetration.

As a result of this type of tire, damage is the presence of holes caused by sharp objects being crushed by a tire. How to avoid tire damage like this is not difficult, just focus when driving, be careful when driving on damaged roads.

Cut Burst

The last type of tire damage is the cut burst, which is the most severe tire damage that causes the tire can no longer be used. This damage can occur because the tires run over sharp objects. As a result, the tire is torn so that it cannot be patched or repaired.

The solution to avoid the worst damage to these tires is to be careful when passing through damaged roads. And adjust the air pressure on the tire according to standards.

Maybe you have experience tire damage with the reason mentioned above. Now, you already know the cause and how to prevent it. Therefore, make sure to always check your tire condition and pay attention while driving to avoid a bad experience.