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Enjoy your holiday with a trip to Phuket

When planning a vacation to the island of Phuket, I’m sure most of you, will look for interesting vacation activities and tourist attractions that must be visited. Then what are the tourist attractions in Phuket that are interesting to visit? Do you have the same question?

To answer the questions about what are the attractions of Phuket that are good, interesting and must be visited, It all depends on your tastes and the type of vacation criteria you want (honeymoon, vacation with friends or family vacation). If you want to spend your holiday to experience getting around Phuket, you can rent a Phuket Private Boat provided by Isabella Yachts.

These following recommendations will at least help you decide which tourist attractions in Phuket are suitable for you to try

Phi Phi Islands

This area is a quiet historic place because it was once the place where Leonardo de Caprio shot some scenes in ‘the beach’ movie.

This tourist attraction, which has been named the most beautiful island in Southeast Asia does have extraordinary magic. When entering this area, every tourist will be presented with extraordinary charm.

The beauty offered by this place is really like wallpaper on a computer screen. Whereas, activities that you need to do while visit this place are to get acquainted with the underwater world.

Heading to the phi-phi island takes 45 minutes using a speed boat and 90 minutes by ferry. In terms of prices, both have different prices.

James Bond Island

The original name of this island is Kao Pingkhand. This area is only 40 meters wide. This area has a small island that is shaped like a needle named ko tapu.

Howcome time the place named James Bond? In 1974, this is used to make James Bond films entitled ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

This event is historical because, after the screening of this film, Thailand’s tourism is growing. More and more visitors especially Hollywood residents come to visit Thailand. Therefore, the name of this character is enshrined as the name of this island.

Phuket Weekend Night Market

This night tour in Phuket weekend night market is one of the attractions that is enjoyed by many tourists. This night market is located along caho fa wet road. People are gathered and make this place crowded. 

Locals call this area the naka market, a place where everything is very cheap. This place is suitable for tourists who like shopping at low prices.

This night market provides many necessities needed by tourists such as jewelry, souvenirs, electronic goods and much more. Usually, tourists use this area to buy items needed for souvenirs. This place will only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Uniquely, this place is only open from 4 pm to 9 pm, just like its name, night market. Further, the items sold here always sell out within 4 hours.

So, tourists who want to enjoy the nuances of this market, need to arrive early to get cheap, goods and exceptional quality.