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Land Rover Revives the “Classic” Range Rover

Land Rover has a division that specializes in restoring their old cars and selling them again, after the success of the Land Rover Defender Series I restoration program. For fans of classic or retro cars, you will be impressed with Land Rover. The Land Rover Classic Division plans to restore 10 first-generation of Range Rovers in the Range Rover Reborn program. The goal is to give prospective consumers a choice to choose between the usual or the latest Range Rover MK I.

Land Rover Classic did not close the possibility to produce more units if there were many requests. For the first stage, the company prepares only 10 units, because finding a donor car to restore is not easy. The search for cars over 40 years old make the company covers the entire world, although most of the 10 units are found in the plains of Europe. The election also requires high accuracy, especially in matching the frame number, engine and other history that makes the Range Rover worthy of value. If you want to buy used Defender 90, or Range Rover Reborn, you can buy it at Nene Overland. They provide a variety of Land Rover brands at affordable prices.

Having a Range Rover Reborn is not as easy as buying a new car as usual. Lucky buyers that have been selected by the manufacturer, involved in the process of restoration of the car they choose. Every car handled by the Land Rover Classic is held by a team with skill. They collaborate with buyers to find the best car to use as a base for restoration. The buyers were educated about the value of the collection, the characteristics of their chosen Range Rover unit and the order number recommendations.

The first unit that has been restored is the 1970 Range Range Rover with a 3-door body model. Later on, the ten Range Rover Reborn units will be covered with Bahama Gold paint to reinforces classic impression. The iconic Range Rover design is instantly recognizable through the black plastic coating on the D pillar to form a “floating roof” design concept that lasts until the latest generation of the Range Rover. The interior is also restored as the original version with a luxurious leather bandage mixed with brown velvet cloth.

Under the hood engine, there is an old machine with a V8 configuration that has been reconditioned to become new again. The engine that still relies on the carburetor can produce power of 132 hp and a maximum torque of 251 Nm. As a power supplier, this car relying on a 4-speed manual transmission to drive all four wheels (4WD) complete with differential locker in the middle.