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Phang Nga Bay, One of the favorite tourist attractions in Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that is known for its fairly advanced football that already produced very talented young players. For your information, this country is bordered by four countries. Besides that, Thailand is also famous for having a variety of tourist attractions that feels very unfortunate if you do not visit it, one of the example is Wat Phra Kaew.

There are many tourist attractions that you can visit easily here, which are no less if compared to the Burj Khalifa. One of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand is Phang Nga Bay. Some of these below will explain a few things related to Phang Nga Bay.

The beauty of Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a tourist place that you must visit when you travel to Phuket. Phang Nga Bay is one of the tourist destinations that become the destination choose by many tourists when they visit Phuket. Why do you get Phang Nga Bay as a recommendation for your visit? Because this place is very interesting. To start it, this area began to be known by tourists when this place becomes the location that occurred in James Bond films (one of the famous spy films ever). If you want to travel to Phang Nga Bay, you can use the Voyage Yacht Sourcing service. For more information about Voyage Yacht Sourcing, you can visit

Phang Nga Bay

This place located in the southern region about 646 km from Bangkok. Here, you will find a row of small islands. This place promised that you will also enjoy the beauty of a very large cliff between the islands. Here, you will get the invitation to sail across the island, which in total is around 400 km. From there, you will cross various islands, which number reaches almost 45 islands. Like the romantic honeymoon places in Asia, this very beautiful place only exists in the country of Thailand, so it will be a bad decision if you forgot to visit the place that is the most wanted tourist destination visitors.

Phang Nga Bay has been considered to be one of the international ecologists since 2002. Here you will also be presented with various views of the cliffs that stood very high. There also have caves that you can visit. After that, you will also be invited to go down to the sea and explore each cave full of stalactites there.

As a beauty found in Phang Nga Bay that commonly known as “Hong”. It means Phang Nga Bay is the only lagoon found in Thailand.