Suggestions and Prohibitions When Mourn

Funeral practices in different countries can be different. Following the traditions and culture, as well as the beliefs and values adhered to by local people

When mourning, there are a few things you should be aware of. Be sure to use the funeral director from Academy Funerals, so that the funeral process can run smoothly. Academy Funeral is  funeral companies Sydney that can assist and manage the funeral process.

The first thing we must do when hearing the news of a dead person. Send a short message to the family concerned.

  • The right time to mourn

If the distance does not allow you to come, you can send a bouquet. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is intention and attention.

If time makes you unable to mourn immediately, it’s okay. Visit the next day. Choose a time that doesn’t bother the grieving family. Not early morning or too late at night.

  • Appropriate dress

We are advised to choose modestly that is simple and polite. Different cultures and countries, also different habits. However, black, dark blue, or white clothes are in the safe category to wear when visiting.

Make sure your appearance does not be the main attention, clean, and neat.

If sudden condolences, fashion choices can be tolerated. If you wear a lot of jewelry, take it off. Because you should look simple when mourn, even at the funeral.

  • While mourn

Say your condolences to the life partner you left behind. After that their children who have understood, then parents who died or another close family you know.

Pay attention to the seat. Make sure you don’t sit in the family area. Shortly after choosing a seat, you should sit quietly following the prayer until finished. There are no appropriate words to describe how sad it is to lose a loved one. Therefore, carefully choose the word.

Some funerals allow relatives and friends to offer eulogies. If there is something funny about their story, laughter is not prohibited. But keep your attitude so as not to overdo it.

You can donate money if needed by your family. It doesn’t matter either.

  • Should not be done

During a funeral or funeral, don’t be preoccupied with your cellphone. Save the cellphone, don’t forget to plug the phone mode without ringing.

Don’t also upload funeral or status photos about it on social media. Unless you are a family member. If you want to take pictures with friends or relatives who come, do it far from the grief area.

No need to hesitate to come if those who die differ in faith and belief from us. You don’t need to take part in the ritual. Just stand or sit and listen.