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Venus Optics has released a new Laowa Argus 18mm F0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds camera systems and a new Laowa Argus 25mm F0.95 lens for five APS-C mirrorless mounts. Both lenses are fully manual and offer roughly 35mm equiv focal lengths. The Sony a7R V is the latest in Sony’s line of high resolution cameras, with major upgrades in most areas.

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Controversial Kiss Photograph Can Stay In Veterans Facilities After Rapid U-turn Photography

My batteries are charged, lenses are cleaned, playing cards are empty, and laundry is done . I look ahead to sharing the tales and pictures with you in a quantity of weeks. In the meantime, take a look at what interesting Photograpy News news occurred last week. With the deadline for the Vital Impacts Environmental Photography Grant approaching, I’d prefer to introduce you to the name behind this project. It is world-renowned nature photographer and photojournalist Ami Vitale.

  • Read on to find out which transportable enthusiast compacts are our favorites.
  • With RED as a result of turn into a completely owned subsidiary of the Japanese digital camera large, this will certainly make Nikon a force to be reckoned with, not solely in the images world but additionally in the filmmaking world.
  • There are plenty of photography fundamentals articles online, but the information is usually incomplete or displayed in a non-logical

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Using cellular apps similar to Lightroom and Photoshop, he achieves a “Koda-chrome kind” colour palette which is instantly recognizable throughout his work. Her black and white pictures document how the Navajo folks of Chinle, Arizona, produce wool and use it in weaving. Each week, I attempt to convey you the most nicely liked news from the world of images. It was born about 200,000 years ago on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and rose to the surface about one hundred,000 years later. Occasionally, it pauses to catch its breath for more exercise, as it did five years in the past when it destroyed hundreds of homes.

With a love for macro photography, they launched CUPOTY in 2018 to rejoice close-up, macro and micro pictures, allowing it to take centre stage. The annual competition is open to anybody utilizing any gadget, from a cell phone to an electron microscope. About …