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Tips for Finding the Right and Economical Hotel For Holidays

A holiday is the best way to refresh your mind. Vacationing can also be a costly trip, especially at a ticket post and at a hotel. Traveling to places you have never visited, such as Bangkok, you would undoubtedly need to plan carefully from visiting tourist locations, budgeting, and hotel

Also choose what transportation you want to use to bring you and your family to your destination, if you have not much time off. Maybe you can use a plane but if you have a long vacation, try adventure by boat or bus. The journey is longer but you and your family can enjoy many beautiful scenery and can even take pictures or try foods that you have never tried while on your trip. Discuss with your family and listen to their opinions about what transportation they want to use, so that all members feel happy because everyone agrees with the decision taken by mutual agreement and not  only think about the budget.

Everyone will want a comfortable place to rest and of course in accordance with the desired budget. So after you determine your destination, make sure you also have planned where you will stay. Hotel costs are a pretty big expense after the ticket costs, especially if you are on a vacation with a family of more than 4 people, this is some tips to save on hotel costs:

1. Search for hotels on the Internet

Of course, what you immediately think about is opening Google. In addition to convenience, these websites have many variations of hotel rooms that you normally adjust to your budget, number of people and the location you want. So do not  search the hotels after you are in your destination, besides you will be inconvenienced in finding the hotel you will also face the risk of a full book hotel. If you are looking for a hotel that is cheap and has good facilities, Ibis styles Bangkok

2. Avoid your traveling time in the holiday season or on other holidays

It seems that for this thing everyone also knows, because on holidays seasons the hotel rates will go up and always be a full book, especially if the hotel has a location that is quite close to tourist attractions or in the middle of the city

3. Ask for recommendations from friends who have stayed at a hotel that you are aiming for

Take advantage of your network of friends both on social media and close friends at home, college friends, or office friends to find as much information about the conditions and recommendations of the cheapest hotels there which of course are also comfortable. Saving does not mean you neglect comfort because it can reduce the pleasant impression for your vacation and your body can also be less fit maybe because of  the room where you stay is uncomfortable and lack of sleep.