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WAN Functions on Computer Networks

WAN or the short-terns of the Wide Area Network is a computer network that has a very broad geographic coverage. The very wide range of geographical coverage covering the geographical coverage of cities, states, provinces, countries and also intercontinental. These Wide Area networks or WAN principles work is in their computer networks itself to cover the area of ​​the network so that it is wider and easier to access the internet.

A WAN network is a computer network that uses the principles of integration or integration of a LAN network and also the MAN of an institution. For this reason, usually, many WAN networks are used in a company or institution that has a minimum multinational scale, which requires networks in several cities, even several other countries. If you need a converged network services CCNA can help you. CCNA has an implementation team with years of experience in deploying enterprise-wide network solutions.

This WAN network uses the hardware of the computer network as a supporter of the received signal to be better. This computer hardware device that is used need a good specification too, so the user does not have a problem accessing it. Most of the functions of WAN are felt by those who are engaged in business sectors and also certain institutions that have many branch offices and also representatives located outside cities, countries and also islands.

The following are several functions of a WAN (Wide Area Network) network:

The main function in constructing the WAN is to carry out the integration and also the integration of the LAN network and the MAN network, making an intact network. Typically, this function will be very useful for a company that has many branch offices, abroad and also outside the city.

With the existence of the WAN network, the branch or representative office will be interconnected one another with a very broad computer network.

Simplify and speed up information and communication

The following function of a WAN computer network is to facilitate and also speed up information and communication. Such as an example of a communication from branch offices, representatives and central offices.

Improving the efficiency of information flow

By making it easier for the flow of information and also data transfer will make it easier for information to come and get out faster. Such as communication between branch offices and also representative offices, then the time-efficiency will be created and it will be very good.

With the increasing time-efficiency created by the office in doing data transmission, this will improve the performance and also the ability of the company.

Saving operational costs

Savings from operational costs will be better. This case is closely related to the time-efficiency and also the energy produced by the WAN network.

Preventing miscommunication

Miscommunication usually occurs when communication is done and also information delivered manually. It makes sense because a human being tends to do misinterpretation, the miscommunication could disrupt the course of the business which is conducted by the company.